Motorhomes Driving Tips

Driving Tips
Seatbelts must be worn by all passengers whilst the vehicle is moving.
Always check that the gas is turned off before starting a journey.
Secure all loose objects before starting to move.
In the UK we drive on the left-hand side of the road. A useful tip to remember which side you should be driving on is that the driver should always be closest to the centre line on the road.
Do not drink and drive. There are strict alcohol laws in the UK.
The driver must have a full, valid driving license, be insured and registered as a Glory Day Motorhome driver for this vehicle.
Driver cannot use a handheld phone whilst driving.
Never drive tired – pull over and get some well-earned rest in your comfortable motorhome.
Try to keep to driving in daylight hours, so that you are not travelling in unfamiliar territory in the dark.
Fill up your tanks and grocery supplies regularly so you are not caught out.
If you are driving slowly and enjoying the stunning scenery please be mindful of other drivers behind you. Pull over safely, when you get the chance, to allow others to pass you by.
For a comprehensive overview of British road rules please refer to the official Highway Code at Take some time to familiarise yourself with British traffic laws if you are unused to driving here.
Check weather forecast regularly to stay up to date with the expected weather conditions for driving.
Be conscious of the size of the vehicle. Take extra care when turning and parking because if its length.
In general the following speed limits apply whilst driving your Motorhome: 30mph in Residential Areas (beware can be reduced around school zones during peak hours), 60mph on Single Carriageways, 70mph on Dual Carriageways & Motorways