Terms and Conditions

Upon booking your contract is with Glory Days Motorhomes Ltd. (GDM for the purpose of these Terms & Conditions). Glory Days Motorhomes Ltd (24 York Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EP) is a company registered in Scotland (Registration SC476207), and complying with the laws of Scotland. If you wish to hire a motorhome via telephone or online (either direct or agency booking), GDM will assume you have read and accepted these Terms & Conditions.

To secure the rental of one of our motorhomes a non-refundable deposit of £150 per week of hire is required at the time of booking. Full payment is due six weeks before the date of hire. Bookings are made within six weeks of the rental period will require full payment upon booking. All payments are non-refundable.
Payments can be made by debit/credit card (these carry 1% and 3% surcharge respectively) or BACS transfer.
A £500 damage deposit is held as a pre-Authorisation payment and is payable at the commencement of hire.

Free parking for one car is available at our Storage depot for the duration of the rental period at the hirer’s own risk.
A full introduction and handover to the motorhome is necessary at start of hire. This takes approximately one hour.
Collection of the motorhome is from 3pm to 5pm- exact time to be confirmed by hirer before arrival. Drop-off must be between 7am and 10am.

Times for collections and returns are carefully planned, therefore the motorhome must be returned on time. A penalty of £50.00 per hour is payable late returns. Should the late return of the vehicle make us liable for extra costs (e.g. compensation of the next hirer), we reserve the right to pass on these costs to you.
Collection or return times which fall outside the dates and times given must be agreed in advance at time of booking.
No refund will be given for early return of the motorhome.
Motorhomes are to be returned with the toilet and waste water tanks emptied and flushed out as per instructions given during the vehicle handover. Unemptied tanks will each incur a £50.00 penalty. We reserve the right to implement a £100.00 valet charge if the vehicle is returned in an unsuitable condition.

Documentation required for motorhome hire:
1. a) Valid EU Driving Licence
b) Non-EU Licence Holders – International Driving Licence or International Driving Permit – if your driving licence is not in English we recommend that you have a translation of it by an authorized translation service. Some licences from outside of the EU can be accepted under the normal terms- please contact the office for further information.
2. Valid Credit or Debit Card for the pre-authorisation payment.
3. Passport (if non-UK citizen)
4. 2 Proof of addresses per driver – these can be bank statements or utility bills

UK licence holders must also provide access to their Driving License Summary (available on the DVLA website-information as to how to provide this will be given as needed). This summary is a compulsory component of the hire documentation and all drivers will need to follow this procedure.

Standard hire includes one named driver. Any additional drivers may be added for a further charge, see Rates page on the GDM website for more details. Only declared and agreed drivers may drive the motorhome. ALL drivers must be present on collection and in possession of the correct paperwork in order to be insured to drive the motorhome. No refund will be issued if documentation is found to be incomplete.
All named drivers must be between the ages of 25 and 75 (those out with these ages must contact the office directly to check eligibility), of good health and have held a full valid driving licence for at least 3 years. Full licence must be shown at the start of hire.

Licences with up to 6 points are accepted for hire, provided no single endorsement exceeds 3 points. Licence holders with endorsements in excess of this should contact the office directly to confirm eligibility- hire with an additional excess may still be possible. All previous motoring convictions are to be disclosed at the time of hiring, the Hirer acknowledges and agrees that this is a fundamental term of hire. Those who have been involved in 2 or more accidents in the preceding 3 years are excluded from cover. Persons involved in 1 accident in the preceding 3 years must contact us for referral if the costs exceeded £5,000.
Persons with major convictions within the last eleven years will not be permitted to drive the motorhomes.

Fully Comprehensive Insurance is included within the hire charge. The vehicle is insured for the period of hire contracted ONLY, thus late return of the vehicle would incur a traffic offence under the road traffic act. Insurance cover is for the vehicle and equipment only and not personal possessions. Hirers are advised to take out additional holiday insurance for this.
Those with mental or physical infirmities may not be covered under the insurance policy. All conditions should be declared ahead of hire. The insurance policy does not cover any persons who suffer from fits, some types of diabetes or any heart complaint, or any persons who have had their insurance declined and/or renewal refused and/or had their insurance cancelled by any motor insurer. Also excluded from cover are persons with the following professions: those in the entertainment industry, professional sports persons, those in the gambling industry (excluding clerical workers) and armed forces personnel of non-EU countries.
Cover excludes use for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward, or for racing, competitions, trials or rallies or hire for re-hire.

We reserve the right to cancel hire if driver’s licences are found to be invalid or not according to the conditions set out above. The Hirer will forfeit any payment made and no refunds will be carried out.
A £500 excess payable by the hirer is applied to all vehicles. A Collision Damage Waiver may be taken out at an additional charge which will reduce the excess on the policy to £0 for all incidents for which the driver is not at fault and the damage is not the result of negligence. All accidents must be reported immediately by telephone to 0131 341 0640 and the hirer must provide as many details as possible. An accident report form must be completed at the scene with all available information of third parties and photographic evidence if possible.
The damage deposit of £500 will be released upon confirmation the vehicle is returned in good condition, whole and undamaged, with a clean interior and no other excesses to be charged. However, should the condition of the vehicle be otherwise; the repairs, replacements or cleaning costs will be charged against the deposit.
If the hirer is found to have damaged the vehicle by negligence (i.e. dangerous driving, taking risks, not considering the dimensions of the vehicle) the hirer will be responsible for full rectification costs. Front and rear bumpers, over-cab mouldings, roof lights, windows, wing mirrors and external doors are typical components prone to damage by negligence.

Please note that we have a small fleet and whilst we will make every effort to make the vehicles roadworthy after any incidents, if we are unable to do so we will seek a replacement for the hirer of similar value. GDM is not liable for any cancellations which have to be made due to the vehicle being returned damaged or with mechanical failures. In such circumstances we will refund all monies paid.


GDM will carry out a full Pre Checkout Inspection (PCI) on every motorhome before the commencement of hire. The PCI involves testing every system on board the motorhome to ensure full operation. During this time the hirer will be shown how each of these systems works. Should an on-board system fail during your hire, GDM will make every effort to remedy the fault whilst you are away. In circumstances where this is not possible GDM cannot be held responsible and will not refund any monies should a loss of service be encountered nor have any obligation to provide a replacement vehicle.

There is no mileage limitation or charge for hires within the UK. Please contact our office if you plan to travel outside of the UK.

Motorhome will include all basic crockery and kitchen equipment. One full gas cylinder is provided with each hire. The Hirer is responsible for buying replacement gas cylinders as and when required during the hire. Any damage to kitchen equipment will be charged for.

The vehicle shall be supplied with a full tank of fuel and must be returned as such. Failure to do so will result in the cost of filling the tank plus an additional service charge being deducted from the security deposit. The engine oil, water levels and tyre pressures must be checked by the Hirer at least once a week during the vehicle rental period.

We have a very strict no smoking policy within the motorhomes. This policy ensures we maintain our high standards of supplying immaculately clean vehicles for our customers. A £250.00 penalty will apply for violation of this policy.

Only some of our vehicles are pet friendly. All pets must be declared and a £20 cleaning fee will be added to the hire cost, as well as charges for any damage incurred by the pet.

Glory Days Motorhomes cannot be held responsible in the event of any damage or inconvenience caused by freezing conditions.

In the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown, we request that the hirer seeks the help of the specified breakdown company quoting the registration number of the vehicle. Details will be provided in the vehicle handover. Please also contact GDM on the contact number provided. Hirers are authorised to spend up to the value of £100 on repairs- to be repaid on the submission of a valid VAT receipt. Repairs costing in excess of £100.00 must first be authorised by GDM PRIOR to the work being undertaken. The Hirer is responsible for any repair costs above £100.00 where approval was not first obtained.
Breakdown due to a punctured tyre is not covered by our policy. The Hirer shall be solely responsible for the costs of repair and or replacement as necessary in relation to damage to windscreen, tyres and punctures.

All cancellations must be in writing. All deposits are non-refundable. All money due and received within 6 weeks of the commencement of hire is not refundable. Hirers are strongly advised to take out travel insurance or to insure against unavoidable cancellation. As stated above any cancellations made necessary by GDM will be fully refunded and every effort to find a replacement will be taken though we accept no liability for this.

The vehicle must remain in the UK unless written consent is obtained by GDM and additional insurance is arranged. Vehicles should not be taken off-road under any circumstance other than to gain access to official campsites and designated camping places.
The Hirer shall not carry more passengers than the seating capacity of the vehicle or allow the vehicle to be overloaded.
The vehicle and its contents must be returned in the same condition as they were received at the commencement of the rental period.
The Hirer must ensure that the Vehicle and its contents are used in a proper and careful manner for social and domestic purposes. In particular, the Vehicle is not to be used for or in conjunction with any race, competition or trial; for towing; for the carriage of goods or passengers; for hire or reward, or any other form of profit or remuneration; or for the carriage of goods of an explosive or hazardous nature.
The Hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle caused by improper use or accidental damage. Any damage to the interior of the vehicle, fixtures, fittings, living or cooking equipment will be charged to the hirer in all cases. No claims for loss or damage to personal belongings or effects of the hirer or any persons will be considered. The Hirer is required to keep the Vehicle under his/her control throughout the rental period and to keep the vehicle locked at all times when unattended. In the event of an accident, the hirer is responsible for immediately reporting the incident to our office. Under no circumstances should the hirer leave the scene of an incident without informing GDM.

All fines incurred by the Hirer or any other drivers for the infringement of traffic laws or regulations shall be the liability of the Hirer or other driver and must be paid in full on receipt of any notice of penalty, fine or charge. Should GDM receive any notices in respect of penalty, fines or charges including- but not limited to- fines and penalties for speeding, parking fines and congestion charges, then an administration fee of twenty-five pounds (£25.00) will be added to the penalty.

Regulations govern the use of child car seats in the United Kingdom requiring every child traveling in the vehicle to be seated using specified restraints in all circumstances where the child is under 135cm or 12 years of age. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that necessary child seats are used in the vehicle if carrying children. Child seats are available for hire, please see our charges page for rates.

GDM accept no liability for replacement vehicle costs, travel or accommodation costs or any other consequential loss claims arising from the breakdown of the vehicle, fair wear and tear excepted, or any accident or other such related causes.
GDM are not liable for any costs and expenses incurred for speeding, parking fines, congestion charges and for any other offences committed against the Road Traffic Act or traffic regulations or otherwise by the Hirer or Additional Drivers.
The Vehicle and its contents are to remain the property of GDM at all times and the Hirer shall not sublet, assign, loan, pledge or grant lien over the Vehicle or its contents.
We reserve the right to vary the rates and conditions of hire at any time and to decline hire to any person at any time without reason, this includes the right to change vehicles when necessary. We also reserve the right to reclaim any vehicle we regard as being misused and all our expenses incurred will be recovered from the hirer. Please note that GDM will not be responsible for any personal belongings left in the motorhome after use.